How we conduct our classes

  • Only requirements: Computer/Tablet/Phone with internet connection

  • Classes through professional e-learning platform

  • Easy registration process

  • Access to recordings to learn at your own pace

  • Suitable for anyone with basic computer literacy

  • Courses offered in English and Urdu

eMahad adopts ‘Learn from anywhere’ approach. With a mission to make authentic teachings of Islam accessible to students all over the world, at eMahad we have created a system where you only need your computer/tablet/phone with internet connection to attend our classes.

We use a combination of paid and free services to run our courses and to provide you with a rich and smooth online learning experience.

Our classes are conducted through our highly sophisticated one stop eMahad Student Portal.

Qirat/Tajweed/Hifz classes and all other one-to-one classes are conducted through Skype.